Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Ashley

28 Mar 2012



Hi Another 71ers!

My name is Ashley and I'm pretty new to blogging, but not new to this site. is a website I visit daily for study tips and encouraging words!

I started my CPA journey March 2011. I took BEC May 2011 and got a…68. I was still pretty upbeat and decided to move on to Audit.

I studied and studied and got a 72! Now that depressed me. I was so close to a 75, yet so far away.

I was discouraged and so disappointed in myself. I work full-time in state government, and as many of you know, working full-time and studying for this exam can be difficult.

So after the failed tests I decided to revamp my plan of attack. I changed the order in which I would take the tests and wrote down more realistic study goals.

And big thanks to the NINJA Study Planner for helping with that! I plan on using the Wiley Test Bank as a supplement to my review.

I'm very excited to share my journey with you all every week!

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