BEC Exam Experience + An Upcoming Vacation Overseas

14 Jan 2013


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I took my BEC exam on Jan 2nd at 8am, the first exam time of the window. I tried to study as much as I could during the holiday break. It was harder than I thought.

I felt that I took too many days off to spend with my family for Christmas and I couldn’t remember anything once I started to study again.

I will make sure to review my notes on any day I don’t want to full on study – like holidays. I can always take half an hour to do that during the day.

BEC seemed to have a lot of items from AUD, which was a relief. I have taken AUD twice, so I have a decent knowledge of auditing.

I think I did okay. I feel like I did well on the written communications, and I hope I answered enough questions right on the MCQ to pass. I will find out the beginning of February on how well I did. I feel like it could be close, or not close enough.

I will write again once I get my score. I won’t be studying during tax unless I decide to take BEC if I don’t pass, on April 16th. Am I really that crazy to study during tax season?!

I can only do it on April 16th because I head back to Seattle that day (and I only have Sundays off until then). I’ll be there for about 24 hours before I fly to Paris with my boyfriend. We will be there for two weeks.

I am hoping to go to London for part of it, if we can afford it. I am very excited for this trip. It will be my first time overseas!

Once I get back I will start studying for REG and I hope to take it July 1st! Just in time to take a break for 4th of July!

Good luck to everyone in this window! Keep up the studying. Do it now before the summer hits if you can.

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