Back to the CPA Exam after a Short Hiatus

10 Dec 2012


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I am back!

I took a hiatus from the CPA exam after failing my AUD for the second time. It was the first time I took a break from studying since graduating college. I had an amazing Summer/Fall and to me it was worth it.

I have known since August that I would be moving for a job (the only job I could find since graduating a year ago), so I wanted to spend time with my family instead of plowing through study material.

I moved here a week ago, 8 hours from my home. On Monday I started working as a staff accountant for a small firm in the middle of nowhere, population: 8000 in the whole county.

There is literally nothing to do here. So I have plenty of time to study without any distractions.

Now that I have moved, I am ready to pick up my studying and pass the exam. I am very motivated now to get the CPA exam out of the way so that I can stop worrying about passing it and enjoy life.

My goal is to see my last passing score in exactly one year.

I will be doing tax and audit here at my job so I am not wasting any more time. I am going to sit for BEC before tax season hits.

I have December 21st – January 2nd off from work for a holiday break. I am going to be going over lectures and finish most of my study material before my break. Then, when I am on my break back home, I am going to finish the course up and review like crazy.

It will be good to have that many days off work before going into the exam. On January 2nd at 8am, I will test for BEC and then make the drive back down here to my new home.

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