Focused on BEC + Driving Home for the Holidays

21 Dec 2012


Ashley is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I am now into the full swing of things with BEC. I am hoping to only need to watch 2 more parts as of today.

I leave today from work to go back home, an 8-hour drive – through snowy passes. I will be bringing my BEC NINJA Audio on this drive with me.

I am so happy I’ll be able to listen to that while I am driving since it’s such a time consuming thing.

As for this week, I’ll be working very hard to get through most of my lectures so it doesn’t kill my holiday visiting.

I will read over my notes Friday – Tuesday, and then December 26 and beyond I will be studying for BEC all day long.

I’ll have 6 full days to do MCQ, so I am going to stay focused so I don’t eat into that time with my lectures.

This BEC exam does have me a little worried. I am not the greatest with memorization, so the calculations look daunting. I just need to practice and review the equations often so that they will stick with me for the exam.

I have been watching the lectures, re-reading the book, and then doing the problems after each part. I am trying to get through the lectures as fast as I can so I can just focus on MCQ until my exam.

My workweek consists of 8-5pm for now. After work, I go home and study/eat dinner until about 10pm, and that’s when I stop and I am able to call up my boyfriend. I’m glad he is supportive of me taking this exam, because it makes the world of a difference.

During the weekends I try to make sure I am caught up and do an additional 2 parts.

Today my co-worker showed everyone that he passed Audit. This was his first time being able to pass that section and it was so exciting for me to see that.

I know I have only known him for 2 weeks as I just started my job here, but seeing someone I personally know finally pass a section of this exam made me feel like it can happen for me too, if I try hard enough. We are both studying for BEC now, so that is pretty nice.

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