Burnt Out: Hard to Find REG Study Ethic

21 Apr 2014


Ashley is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

After seeing my Audit score of a 74, and then retaking it and getting an 84, I decided I was going to do it right the first time with FAR.

This time around, my study ethic was impeccable.

My course tells me exactly which sections to cover each day, and for a full-time Masters in accounting student, this was HARD. I followed those suggestions to a T… until I had three exams in one week.

I missed 7 days worth of material. Instead of going back and getting farther behind, I picked up where I should be and ignored the missed sections.

I wanted to take FAR by the end of February and I was going to do it if it killed me.

Waking up early to cleverly named alarms on my phone, going to class, taking notes on material in class, studying after class, studying while doing cardio at the gym, studying before going to bed, reading Jeff’s NINJA Notes, etc. I was a maniac when it came to studying. My class work suffered a little bit, but on February 27, after only 5 weeks of studying, I passed FAR with a 79.

The problem that I’m dealing with now is that my work ethic is gone. Not a smidge to be found. Every week I tell myself I’ll start REG, and then I don’t. Opening up my materials and just looking at the website fills me with dread. I really overdid the studying with FAR and I burnt myself out a little bit. The drive to get back into CPA study mode is absent in my life right now.

I need a good kick in the butt.

But with less than 160 days till my wedding (and even less towards MAcc graduation) it’s hard to find motivation to study. I know it will happen, I’ll do my best and eventually I will be a CPA. And now that I’m a blogger, I’m being held accountable for my study habits.

So maybe I’ll watch a lecture or two tonight before bed.

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Benjamin Langley 10 years ago

I will tell you one thing that motivates me....I never want to study for FAR again! That was such a beast I am killing myself to finish up the exam and be done. Imagine studying that beast again. Honestly, can you? (This is what I tell myself and so FAR it has worked)