REG Exam Score: Disappointed but Motivated

16 Jun 2014


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Good news first – I finished my spring semester with a 4.0.

Bad news – I failed REG when I took it on May 30.

And not just by a little bit like when I got the 74 on AUD. Nope, I scored a 61.

I clearly didn’t understand/study some majorly important topics.

My work ethic was terrible. I’m disappointed that I let myself get so far behind in my study plan. My 2.5 weeks of crash studying before the exam did not allow me to represent myself to the best of my abilities.

I’m sick of telling people that I failed another CPA exam.

Non-CPA candidates have no idea the focus that these exams demand from us. How can I expect them to still respect me or come to me for services if all they know is that I failed another exam? What (uniformed) client wants a person to do their taxes when they find out that that said person failed their REG exam? Basically, I’m in a CPA slump.

I’ve passed FAR and AUD so I’m on the home stretch with the two shorter exams left. But I wasn’t really prepared for the shorter time frame when I took the test. I left about an hour and a half for the TBS portion and it took me every minute. I haven’t received my score breakdown but I am certain that the TBS were a huge part of my failing score.

What is my redemption plan for the future exams?

Buy another NTS for both REG and BEC. Hopefully this will force me back into the study mode that I was rocking in February.

My fiancée has signed up to take his FE exam so we’ve decided that we’re going to study together so we’re not distracting each other. It will be tough studying when the weather is so beautiful here in New Hampshire but it will be worth it when I can say that all 4 exams are complete, stop spending money on the tests, and can sign my name with those 3 beautiful letters!

The fear of having to retake any lost sections is a great motivator as well!

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Jr 10 years ago

I can definately relate to you about the nice weather. Living also in the east coast and after the cruel winter we had this year its terrible that you cant go out and enjoy the weather. However, everythig is going to be worth it after we are done. Just stay motivated. Youll succed next time you take REG, youll see. Im taking FAR in July!

Gigi 10 years ago

All, I'm planning to seriously start studying for my CPA can anyone guide me on best way/schedule....I have been advised to start with FAR then REG the AUD the BEC...thx

laurenv 10 years ago

Ive failed each exam atleast once and my boyfriend teases me that he would rather have a cpa that failed some sections than pass on the first try because you know they understand since they had to work that much harder. Its so hard to stay motivated, but just keep going. Victory will be that much sweeter.

Richard 10 years ago

I can certainly understand how you feel. I passed BEC and then failed REG miserably with a 44. I am retaking in July but I really wanted to quit and didnt really want to continue but I'm still trying to pain through. I live in DC area and I too am finding almost possible at times to stay focused with this weather.

Tori 10 years ago

Don't let the score get you down. I personally went from a 59 to a 75 on REG and from a 63 to an 86 on AUD. Just think of it as not passing and get back to work.

Melantha 10 years ago

I've been there. Pick yourself up off the floor and just get it done. Go at it with a vengeance! I start studying for REG tomorrow. You've gotta believe in yourself.