REG Study: Hit with a Wave of Optimism

15 Jul 2014


Ashley is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


There’s not much going on in my end of the Pursuit of CPA-ness world.

I’ve purchased another NTS for my last two parts – REG & BEC – and I’ve restarted my CPA study plan. So far, I’m still on track! I’m not behind according to my schedule. Actually, I’m 2 days ahead if you can believe it.

A major factor in that is that my new employer allows me to study a little bit at work each day. You can’t even imagine how helpful that is. I am so grateful.

I’m still very fuzzy on negotiable instruments but I’m getting much better at the tax portion given the nature of my job now. I’m actually excited to take this exam again. I feel so much less depressed about it now that I have a plan.

It’s crunch time now in regards to wedding stuff but I still feel optimistic about staying on track regarding my REG plan. Hopefully I can keep this mentality up.

It’s exciting to think that within the next year I could have a CPA certificate along with my two degrees hanging on the wall in my office.

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