Cautiously Optimistic: REG Score after Five Intense Weeks

05 Sep 2014


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What’s up NINJAs!

August 29 was a busy day for me. My fiancée and I had dance lessons for our upcoming wedding (less than a month left!), we moved into our newly renovated house (it was a foreclosure so you can only imagine the blood, sweat, and tears put into that sucker), and I took REG for the second time (ditto to the blood, sweat and tears part).

After spending 5 intense weeks of studying, I finally felt (mostly) prepared. There’s always something more that you want to study but that’s life. The best phrase I’ve heard over the course of studying for the exam: “Know everything about something, and something about everything.”

I walked out of that exam definitely shaking my head at some of the multiple-choice and at one TBS in particular (don’t even get me started on the outrageousness of that sim), but overall, I actually feel optimistic.

Obviously, I made a couple math mistakes on my whiteboard that I noticed after I had already closed the corresponding testlets, but with the exception of 3 or 4 topics, I felt at least a little familiar with each question.

I’m cautiously optimistic because I know how devastating it can be to think you passed only to be shot down on score release day, but I feel good enough to contemplate moving on to my last section – BEC! It’s not as big of a jump to start BEC as it might sound though, because if I get my score release on Monday and find out I fail, I can just jump back to REG and keep it fresh until after I get back from my honeymoon.

Can you imagine retaking an exam on a Caribbean island during your honeymoon? Talk about dedication!

Work, settling into our house, dance lessons, dress fittings, a wedding, honeymooning, and studying are all in my future. And here I am, either halfway done or 75% done. Monday will decide how relaxed this next insane month will be – so here’s to hoping for good news on Monday!

Good luck to all!!

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