Tax Season Over, BEC Behind Me, and Time for FAR

23 Apr 2013


Ashliegh is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Finally, tax season is over! But that does not mean life will slow down…

I was ecstatic last week for tax season to be done and spent the night of the 15th celebrating. The next five days consisted of studying as much as possible for BEC.

I had taken BEC back in early February and received a 72 so I was bound and determined to pass! Taking time off work right before an exam helps me focus on the exam and I don’t feel too stressed out.

Exam day arrived and I was not too nervous. Most testing centers I have been to have always let me start early so I was shocked when I had to start my exam over an hour later than my scheduled time.

I did not bring any study materials and just had to hang out which made the nerves kick in. The next exam I take I will be heading back to my exam center I normally use so I hopefully won’t have issues again. I suggest you find an exam center you are comfortable with and stick to it.

I was able to space out the testlests better this time and had forty-five minutes for the essays! Time management is key when it comes to the essays. I found it helpful to make a quick outline of each memo so I would not end up rambling.

If I have to take BEC again, fingers crossed I don’t have to, I would make sure to have the majority of the formulas memorized. You think you know the formulas and then there you are sitting at the exam and it is almost like your mind has gone blank. Make sure you use process of elimination if this happens.

Today I start studying for FAR, using my review course and NINJA, and will sit for the exam on May 25th. I have heard FAR is a monster! I am creating a study plan tonight and I will keep you posted on what I find works best.

My best friend Amanda, who is currently studying for BEC, and I are off to the city this weekend to see Jersey Boys! Make sure you too have carved out some personal time so you don’t get too stressed out.

Best of luck to everyone and keep up the determination!


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