FAR Study: Working MCQs Like Crazy

20 Jun 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs!

Well, another week has come and gone and I am still doing MCQs like crazy! I find myself wondering how much the questions are like the real exam in relation to their difficulty. If anyone has a comment on that I would love to hear from you!

I am progressing pretty well and scoring fairly well on the sections I have reviewed so far. I find that FAR has had so much information that I am making good use of the NINJA Notes to go over the basics of each section just before I start doing MCQs over a new topic.

I should be done with my MCQ’s in 1-2 weeks. My goal is to then hone in on my weak areas, take a week to rewrite my notes, and use the last week to refine my weak areas and make my strong areas stronger.

I am also planning to take some time to run through some simulations as I want to be as ready as possible and having a decent grasp on the SIMs may be just what I need to push me over the 75 should I end up struggling on the MCQ section.

Well, I will leave for now to get back to some MCQ’s. I take the test on the 20th of July and I am hoping my first exam experience will be a good one!

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Carlos 12 years ago

For FAR and I think for all parts of the CPA, Comprehension and Concept understanding is essential to answer questions. A topic maybe so simple but the exam will trick you to complicate things. My preparation for FAR was to translate the topics into journal entries including cash flow and analyze it to answer the questions. I answered a mid-term exam (1/2 way of my review) and Final exam few days before the exam. I also answered prior year CPA released questions over and over again. People say that it is the most difficult part of the CPA but to me, it is the most comprehensive section of the CPA.

12 years ago

Carlos gave great advice...when reviewing he MCQ's get in the habit of writing the journal entry that goes along with it. Don't put the simulations off to the last minute...study them now because you will need those points to get you over the 75 mark. You can do it!!!

Ben Langley 12 years ago

Thanks for the comments! I have just gotten to the point that I am trying to come here to see what you guys have to say. I will make it a point to do the sims as soon as I have finished my MCQ review. I should have 2-3 weeks to re-write my notes and do sims. Thanks again!