Consistency in the Final Weeks before FAR

05 Jul 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

I am finding that this blog posting is great for my motivation and I am grateful for the chance to connect with so many of you here and on good ole Facebook! I truly get a lot of advice and inspiration for each of you.

Lately I have been considering the time I have left to my first test. I know that the testing window has just opened up and I know many of you are “eager” to be taking your next test, or in my case my first test.

I find myself getting more nervous with each passing day and trying to do all that I can to be ready for FAR. I can’t help but think of many of the sport movies I have seen over the years. The CPA exam is like a sports game, but not so much like the ones you see in the movies.

Imagine you walk up to an NBA player sitting on the bench in the middle of the second quarter of any game. Do you think that if you asked that player what the score was that he would shrug his shoulders and say, “I don’t know”? No way!

Every player, those on the court and those on the bench, know exactly what the score is at every moment of the game and what the strategy is to win the game. The game is not won in the last quarter or the last few minutes of the game. It is all about the consistency. It is about taking a play at a time and constantly putting out that 110% to cross the finish line the victor.

I guess what I am trying to say, and what I gather for myself, is that I have to consistently be putting in those 2-3 hours per day. There is no way that I could cram this stuff in at the last moment and hope that my guessing skills are better than the test makers of the exam.

I have a little over two weeks to my test and I hope to make the most of my time. I am working furiously on re-writing my NINJA Notes. Next week I plan on focusing on simulations, just to be as prepared as possible. Then the last week I will be shoring up weak areas and doing MCQs to be ready for the exam.

Good luck everyone in your studies!

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