So Close! Dusting Myself off after a 74 on FAR

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

What does it take to win? Well, I have to admit that I am still figuring that one out. I think I have made some progress, but I am not quite there.

I got my score back from my first CPA exam. I sat for FAR and I got a 74. Come on, really a 74? Yep, and it stings really bad.

I was so close! One more point and I wouldn’t have to be admitting defeat to all of my fellow NINJAs in the blog post.

The thing that is really bad is that there was a TBS that I should have known how to do and I checked the journal entry for it when I got home and I did a calculation wrong on it.

If I had done it right I might have passed. That is the most frustrating part for me, the fact that I was so close to passing really bites.

On a positive note I have a friend of mine who told a story of when he was young and he was climbing with some friends to reach this mountain peak with an overlook area. It was a long and difficult climb. About 200 feet from the top his friend dropped on the ground and would not budge. He said he couldn’t go another inch.

With all of the encouragement from my friend could muster he could not get his friend to budge. It was a sad ending because my friend left him to reach the peak and although the view was spectacular he could look down and see a small dot on the ground, and his friend still had not moved.

This was inspirational to me. How many of us get so close to accomplishing what we set out to do, only to stop just short of our climb? I feel a little like the kid that dropped on the ground. I stopped just short of scoring a passing score. The difference is that I will dust myself off and finish this test.

I am already planning my attack to take the FAR beast down. I will take my time to really prepare for this thing and I plan on taking out FAR and REG in the next window.

Good luck in all of your studies and I hope we can help each other reach the top!