Better Prepared for FAR this Time Around

19 Sep 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello my fellow NINJAs!

I am sorry I have not written in a while. I have been rather busy with life and things never seem to slow down for me.

I have been busy with watching my 15-month-old son, trying to find time for my family, and finding time to study for the CPA exam.

I have also been looking for work and I have had a number of job interviews, followed up with numerous rejections.

It is so time consuming and frustrating that sometimes I want to pull out my own hair! But, I continue looking and preparing for my upcoming exam.

I have my re-match with FAR in about 2 weeks and I am starting to freak out a bit. Part of this is because I was so close last time, but trying to be more prepared this time.

I think my problem rested in not practicing my journal entries enough and tanking bad on the simulations. So, I am trying to balance reviewing each section thoroughly with understanding the journal entries really well.

Motivation is the big struggle now. I need to keep motivated the last 2 weeks to make sure I am well prepared for this exam. I do not want to slack up in the next two weeks because I know that if I do so that I could be in danger of not passing again.

So here is to me and everyone out there preparing. May we all continue to follow through with a dedicated effort to take and pass our individual exam sections in the upcoming window!