The Long Wait for FAR Results + Back into REG Study Mode

15 Oct 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

This week has been a good one for getting back into study mode. My family is finally almost better and I have been able to get back into a better routine.

You would think that when I had to stay home with my son when he was sick and miss work because of it, that I would have had ample time for studying. Problem is that my kid wouldn’t let me more than about 2 inches from him at times when he was sick so it was a challenging time for everyone.

I am just plugging away at my videos on individual taxation. A lot about tax is starting to come back to me, and I am hoping that I can continue to study and pass this thing at the end of November.

I am a little frustrated that I have to wait for a whole month to get my FAR score, but that’s what I get for scheduling the exam so early in the test window, right? It’s not that bad, but I am really bad when it comes to waiting for scores, especially since I got a 74 my first time with FAR and I am really hoping that I passed!

I have also found work and I have to drive about 30-40 minutes to and from work every day so I have been trying really hard to listen to the NINJA Audio on the way and even during my lunch breaks. So far I have listened to the whole series once and I am hoping to continue going over it.

Jeff is great, but being tax law and all that exciting stuff, I sometimes have to switch over to the regular radio when I realize I can’t take anymore into my brain. The good thing is that I started the series over today and a lot of details that I have been going over in my videos are sticking pretty well.

It is proving to be a great supplement to my individual studying. Thanks Jeff!

Well fellow NINJAs, it is back to studying. See ya’ll next week!