Focusing on FAR + Tracking Study Hours

10 Apr 2012


By Ben


Hello fellow NINJAs!

So, what are Ninjas good at? The impossible! And we will accomplish the seemingly impossible task together as we work towards the goal of all of us becoming CPAs!

It is still my hope that blogging will help me keep motivated and bring some encouragement to everyone that if someone like me can pass the CPA exam, that any of you can do it.

I have 3-4 weeks left of my final semester and I am still planning on studying about 2 hours a day so I can try to get a head start on my summer plan to take the first section of the exam.

I have concluded to take the FAR section first. My reasoning is that there is so much more information in the FAR exam that I want to pass that section first to take advantage of the 18 rolling month window. I hope to pass it my first attempt and all of the others, but assuming I struggle with the others I want most of the window available to re-take sections of the exam as I see that I need it.

I have had visits from different companies at my school through my local Beta Alpha Psi meetings. One gentleman had some great advice that I am going to try to implement in my own study.

Do you ever study and find that you cannot focus anymore, so you plan on taking a 15 minute break? What inevitably happens is that you end up checking Facebook, email, and a list of many other distractions. Before you know it you have not lost just 15 minutes, but maybe 30 minutes or more.

His logic was to create some sort of log to track his actual study hours versus his actual break time. He found out that his supposed 3 hours of studying was actually 1-2 hours.

This made me think how many times have I been in school and trying to study, thinking I was getting a lot of study hours in, but maybe not being as productive as I thought. So, I am planning on using a stop watch to track my actual study time in order to accurately track my study time.

So this leaves me with a goal, while I am still in school, to have 10 hours of studying per week. I don’t yet know if this is too low of a goal but I will see how I do with it this coming week. I am sure that with some of my classes that I will be pulling my hair out that last couple of weeks, but you only live once!

So, it is off to studying for now. Wish me luck with FAR!

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