Disappointing REG Results Lead to a New Game Plan

18 Dec 2012


Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAS!

It seems like a long time since I have posted here. I recently took REG and was totally destroyed by my results.

My 71 does not reflect at all how I felt when I left the testing center. I was totally destroyed and stressed about continuing to pay for exams that I seem to get so close to passing.

I have spent the last couple of weeks evaluating and assessing my problems, and I have to admit a little self-pity on my part.

I have figured out a new game plan and I am going to institute it this next window. I found that I was spending too much time watching the videos in proportion to the time I was doing MCQs and sims. I have a plan of reviewing and getting “game day ready” to take REG again.

I am sick of getting close to passing. REG has finally met its match with me!

Good luck studying!

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