Rematch with REG + Lessons Learned from My Toddler

01 Oct 2013


Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello my fellow NINJAs!

What a crazy week. I am still studying for my re-match with REG in November. I have finished the tax videos and I am moving onto the business law ones.

I am trying a slightly different technique for studying, one that I am hoping will improve my score and help me retain more information, a slight variation on Jeff’s method but I have full confidence in my plan.

The problem is that the business law section is so hard because it is so technical. I swear that all I need is to get one of my lawyer friends to come teach me … but I just need the basics for the exam so I will keep pressing forward.

I have a toddler for a son and I had a realization hit me today. He is always learning, like all toddlers. But he is learning things that I just take for granted.

He is learning new words and phrases and he is learning how to be good, hopefully! Anyways, I had the thought that he is learning things that I say and do without a blink of my eye. This is a lot like accounting. Seemingly hard and difficult tasks will become easier as we spend more time on them.

If we just hope we will get there, it will never happen. This is why we need to constantly be trying, every day, to learn something more. It may not be today but at a constant effort every day we will get there. Never give up! And never settle for mediocrity!

Good luck studying!

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