Studying for the CPA Exam is a Game of Inches

19 Nov 2013


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Hello again NINJAs!

So another week has gone by. I am still waiting for my REG score and I am horrible at waiting. I keep telling my wife “only 6 more days…only 5 more days….” And it continues to change each day.

As of today I am down to 4 days to score release. I know we all go through this pain but if I pass this one then I am down to only 2 tests remaining. I think the really hard part is that since passing FAR I can almost hear that clock ticking in the back of my mind getting louder all of the time.

This week of impatience has been filled with studying for Audit, which I am going to take in early January, although I haven’t set my date yet I have already paid for my NTS. I am hoping to sit for AUD in the very first of the window and BEC in the end.

If all goes according to plan I could be done with this journey in late February. This is me being positive but I since passing FAR it is like I got a huge jump in motivation.

I found when I have taken my last couple exams that it really helped if I listened to some motivating music and watched a couple of motivational movies just before I go in. When I tried to study and review too much at all before the exam it is like my anxiety levels would spike even before I began and it made it a lot harder on me during my exam.

There is a video that I have watched each of the last two tests. I have never seen the movie it comes from, but it is a scene from Any Given Sunday with Al Pacino. It is a scene in the locker room and he is giving a speech to his team. He basically describes how life is a game of inches.

One inch too soon or too early and you don’t quite make it. It is a game where you either lose or win the game, but it happens inch by inch and play by play. It is decided inch by inch, or in our cases multiple choice question by multiple-choice question.

It is the consistent studying day by day that prepares you for the test. It means that each question in our exam brings us closer to a pass or closer to a failure. While my explanation is less than adequate I hope you can realize that through constant small efforts we will pass this thing.

It’s not in the cramming the week or night before, but the constant inches in our studying that will make us go home with a pass or a crushing defeat!

Good luck in your studies and I will tell you next week how well I did on REG!

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