Third Battle with REG: Time to Master the Sims

09 Dec 2013


Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well another week has gone by. I am currently in my review for my third battle with Reg. I am trying to figure out how to beat those pesky Simulations.

I always seem to do pretty well with the MCQs but I always seem to be beaten by the sims. I think I would be passing more of the exams if I could just go based on my score on my MCQs.

I honestly think that when I have spent hours on MCQs that I get to the sims and I am burnt out enough that my brain is fried.

I need a better system to beat the sims. So I am trying to review the material and get deeper into it. I am attempting to pour over my MCQs and get as much information as possible. I am trying to get more details down so that I won’t have many surprises next time. I will be taking my test on the 4th of January.

On a personal note I am looking forward to the holidays. We spent Thanksgiving with my wife’s family and we will spend Christmas with mine. My son is finally old enough that he can kinda enjoy Christmas a bit more. I don’t think he totally gets it yet, I think that will come next year.

However it is still funny. I was pretending to go after my present my wife wrapped for me. My wife has trained my son to karate chop me when I go for my presents. So, when I got close to my present he runs up to me and swinging his hand in the air he “Hi-Ya’s!” me. Maybe he will join us NINJAs in the future!

I am going to go back to studying now. I hope all of you can prepare well for your exams, that you can balance out family time amid this busy holiday/study season, and that we will continue to go forward toward our goals of becoming true Ninja’s!

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KM 10 years ago

Haha! Your anecdote with your son is very cute. Personally, I break up SIMS sometimes when I struggle with them: 1) I sometimes do the study material for one day, except SIMs. Then I'll do them at the beginning of the next day, before new material, or on the weekend, when I have time to catch-up a little. 2) When reviewing/cramming that last week before the exam, I read all of my notes and answer all of the study question one section at a time, and writes notes on what I got wrong. Once I finish, I hammer all the SIMs the same way, and note what I did wrong. So, that way, I know everything but those few pages of notes, and once I learn them, I can do anything!

JDW 10 years ago

I use the SIMs to create mental toughness so that they don't feel as daunting on the exam. If you understand the material and dominate the MCQs, SIMs should simply be a way to pad your scores. I have passed both of my exams without hardly doing SIMs.