CPA Exam: A Test of Motivation & Endurance

17 Apr 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

This last week I HiYa’ed one of my fellow classmates in the hall with an air karate chop, and besides having a good time seeing their reaction it reminded me that I need to continue to study hard for the CPA.

This idea of endurance and motivation is the main thing that has been on my mind lately. (Not to mention I had a weird dream where I was teaching one of my nephews about discounting cash flows…but that is a topic for another time!)

I read something Jeff had written about motivation, and although I can’t remember where it was, it was so good that I am integrating it in my life.

He said to write, literally write, down your 3 reasons for why you are going for your CPA. Then, whenever you get tired you can refer back to those reasons to remind yourself why you are killing yourself studying.

I have been taking advantage of the NINJA Audio series, and it is really good stuff. If you have not looked into it yet, may I recommend that you do so? It puts important aspects of the CPA exam in audio form.

I am tempted to put it on play mode and on auto repeat as I sleep in the hope that it will just soak into my dreams and take advantage of sleeping time for study time as well. However as I don’t know how effective this will truly be, I think that I will stick with maximizing my study time during the day.

My other thought I had this week is how much this CPA exam is a test of endurance. Is it about the material? Sure it is, but I have to wonder what a CPA license says about someone to an employer who probably knows that many people getting their CPA license are working adults and that it must really say something about an individual that can both work full time and pass such a hard exam.

Anyways I will sign off for now as I try to take advantage of some needed study time. I find myself getting better at sticking to my pre-determined schedule. I have to admit that I am not there yet, because forcing myself to sit down and study multiple hours at a time doing just accounting is very taxing! (Did you catch the pun?)

Good luck studying everyone until next post!

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