Appendix Out Days before Rematch with REG

01 Jan 2014


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Well I have to tell you that I have had quite the exciting week. This week of course was Christmas. I hope you guys had a good one with family and friends.

My son is two years old and I had a lot of fun watching him open his various presents this year. I do not think he totally gets the concept of Santa yet, but this didn’t keep him from tearing into his presents.

I think his favorite present has been the new Thomas the train engine set. He absolutely loves it and has hardly stopped playing with it for days.

I have been getting ready for my re-match with REG on the 4th of January. There is a lot of material, but I am feeling fairly confident this time around. Then I hit a small snag two days ago.

My stomach was feeling a little upset and I started having a weird pain in my right side. I initially started to dismiss it as eating too much chocolate. It got painful enough I decided to call the doctor. Through a series of tests and a CT scan it was determined that my appendix needed to come out.

Are you kidding me???

Yep its true, with a few days left to my exam I am trying to recover from surgery. Since my NTS for my audit exam expires in March I have to sit for AUD by the end of February and in order to give myself enough time to study for that I really need to sit for REG on the 4th.

So, my strategy is to take some time during the next couple of days I will be home from work to review as I am able. Now some of you will be thinking that this really sucks, but life never is perfect and I am not going to put this thing off anymore.

I have put in time and I know the material well enough. I just need to focus on those sims, as they have always been my weakness. Good luck to everyone as they take exams in the next window. Let us make 2014 our year to put this test behind us!

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