Self-Evaluation: Is the Pain of the CPA Exam worth the Price?

31 Jan 2014


By Ben

Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I was listening to a song the other day and I misheard the lyrics. It was 21 Guns by Green Day. The line that caught my ear was “Does the pain weigh out the pride”. What I actually heard was “Does the pain outweigh the price”.

It made me start to think about my own CPA journey and what price I am willing to pay for that three-letter designation that so many of us long for. I know people I either work with or go to church with that have basically hit a ceiling because they lack the CPA designation.

They are feeling the pain now of not having their CPA and the extra pain of trying to get it now is complicated by the fact that they both have large families and more responsibilities than I do at work. Both have told me many times to get my CPA now while I am not so burdened with so many responsibilities.

So it comes time for an honest self-evaluation. What a pain it is now to study early, on my lunch break, and at night. Times when I am either “needing” to relax from the stress of work and life or times when I would much rather spend time with my family.

What pain have I gone through already? Many failed exams? One pass so far? Still waiting on REG? In about a week I get my REG score, which either means going back to the drawing board or I will be 50% done. I have spent too much time on this thing to give up now. I cannot fathom giving up now because the pain of regret would be too much, knowing that I am this close.

While this is not like my normal post I hope you can learn something from my self-evaluation as well. Have your own, and be honest with yourself. Is the pain worth the price for you?

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