BEC Progress: Finishing Strong for Final Exam

31 Mar 2014


By Ben

Ben is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs!

Just under 5 weeks to the longest wait of my life! That’s right, my last exam is fast approaching and I am doing everything I can do to get ready. Then it will be a land of limbo.

Never have I been at this point where I will take a test and literally have to wait while the CPA gods above determine if I should pass or not. It is not a matter of IF I wasn’t to go onto my next topic, it will literally be a wait and see game.

Now I know some of you are reading this and thinking … ”That’s a month away” and you would be right it is over a month away. The truth is that it will be here before I know it and I will be waiting and waiting.

I guess the point I am getting across for all of us is that we cannot have that kind of mindset. Because if we do we will be facing an exam unprepared because we thought we had “forever” to get ready for our next exam. Do not let life pass you by because these exams will test you upside down and inside out.

Even at times when I thought I was ready those exams found new ways to trick me by asking questions in MCQs or sims in ways that I hadn’t ever dreamed about. (Well, nightmare is more like it!)

Anyways, I am making progress. I finished off my videos this weekend. There is something about finishing the videos that brings a sense of relief to me. I know it is only the first step but it feels like progress.

I am horrible at taking notes so I watch videos and then go through the chapter making my own set of questions from the material the videos have gone over. I then study the heck out of those questions and do MCQs like crazy. I have finished all of my notes except for the last chapter. I will take the next day or two to write up the last chapter and then I will be hitting those MCQs.

When Master Yoda lifted Luke’s X-wing out of the swamp, what was Luke’s response? “I don’t believe it.” What did Yoda then say? “That is why you failed.” Believe you can and put in the work to make it happen.

This exam is a journey, not a set of four strong sprints. Enjoy the ride and stick to your study plan! Here is to finishing my exam journey in 2014. And may the force be with you!

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3/4th CPA 10 years ago

Great to hear that Ben... I'm onto my last leg of the CPA Exams too.. I have Regulation coming up on 13th April... I'm lagging behind on my studying, but hoping to make up for lost time in the next 12 days. May the force be with you tooooooo !!!

Benjamin Langley 10 years ago

Good luck sticking to it 3/4th CPA. I am finding this week a bit of a drag myself. I think I am feeling so drained for pushing hard these last couple of months. Al I can say is that this is the time to finish it. Good luck getting ready for your last exam. You can do it!