Finally Making Progress with FAR

08 Jun 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey everyone!

So another week has gone by and I am finally starting to feel like I am making some progress studying for this exam. I am committed to passing this exam and I am hoping that I can maintain that resolve for the next month or so before I sit for the test.

The more I study topics covered in FAR the more overwhelmed I am becoming about the huge number of possible areas that can be tested on the test.

I just finished governmental accounting tonight and after one more video covering non-profit accounting I will be doing Wiley MCQs like crazy to get this material down.

I have already come to knowledge of areas that made much less sense than others and I know I will need to focus on certain areas in order to solidify my knowledge for this exam. As the most recent round of scores is being released I find myself wondering how crazy I will be going as I wait for my scores.

I have taken some proctored tests before, like for my series 7 general securities license, and I know it will probably be stressful like that. However, I know it will be different because with all of the tests I have taken I knew before I left the testing center how well I did or did not do. This waiting part of the test will surely play games with my mind.

Anyways I will get back to studying. I will try not to be too overwhelmed and I am going to try focusing on one thing at a time. I tend to overcomplicate things, but I vow to not do that on this test!

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CPA628 12 years ago

That is very common for FAR. Just keep reading the chapters and working the MCQs and it will start to stick!! I felt the same way, but it's possible. Just keep digging through! Good Luck!

FNJ 12 years ago

Hi, I've taken the Series 7 and 66 and it was nothing like the CPA exam. It was a lot easier than the CPA exam! When are you taking FAR, and which review course are you using? I've been reviewing Governmental and it's really different!