FAR Videos Done + Hitting the MCQs

14 Jun 2012


By Ben

Ben is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs!

I am happy to hear that many of my fellow ninjas have done so well on this last round of exams! I am very hopeful that I will be able to get my first passing score after I take my first exam next month.

I am trying really hard to rev up my study schedule and not waste time focusing on things that seem to be ineffective. I am still working toward passing the FAR section next month and at this moment it means “N” for non-stop MCQs!

I finally finished my videos for FAR (there were so many of them!) and I am now trying to do MCQs on each section until I can get at least a 70-75% on each group of 20 questions consistently. I am also trying to listen to the NINJA Audio when I have time and I am trying to read the NINJA Notes.

There seems like there is so much information and I wonder if the hardest section of the CPA exam really is FAR? I am attempting it as my first section, but it seems like it is so hard because there is so much information.

Things are starting to come together as I am getting practice working problems from Wiley’s MCQs, but I am wondering how best to apply my time and if I should focus on the simulations at all. I think I will try to work the sims into my study somehow, possibly once I feel better about my progress on the MCQs.

I still have yet to schedule my exam because I want to be rock solid on the fact that I am ready before I do so. I figure since my clock has not started because this is my first exam that I should do this one right and then really try to knock the rest out by hitting them even harder.

I also am spending some more time on FAR because that was my weakest topic in school and I am hoping that the other sections will be a bit easier for me.

Well, back to some MCQs! See you next week!

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FNJ 12 years ago

Would it be useful to schedule your FAR exam to make sure you get a decent time and day at prometric? My testing center filled up really fast within the test window. Good luck on FAR, when are you planning on taking it?

12 years ago

I just wanted to make sure I didn't rush things my first time. And yes you want to schedule in advance because time slots fill up fast! I will be taking FAR on the 20th of july