All is not Lost: Taking Another Crack at REG

05 Jun 2013


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I’ve admittedly been delaying this post because I have no good news to report. Suffice it to say that my REG experience was a pure beat down, and I was on the receiving end.

I went into the exam knowing about 85% of the material pretty dang well, and the other 15% I was consciously lacking. It just so happened that, on the exam, I really got hammered on those weaker areas.

A silver lining was that, when I did receive my results from the state, it reinforced my belief that I was “Stronger” than passing candidates in 3 of the 6 areas of REG. However, I don’t remember seeing much of those areas on the exam. You win some, you lose some.

Maybe the worst part of failing a section is telling everyone you failed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t volunteer this information, but most people in my life know I’m always studying, and are nice enough to ask about how my test went. They assume that, with all that studying, there’s no way that I could possibly “fail”.

Yet, all is not lost. I get another crack at this thing. I went into the exam with a wealth of knowledge, and I’ll carry that with me as I revisit my weaker topics.

I drew inspiration from Angel and Serena’s entries that were posted about a month ago. Angel wrote a great piece on failure: “always remember that missed goals are not missed opportunities. Instead, they are opportunities to do things better on your next try.”

I’m not sure what the protocol is on quoting other bloggers, but I figure that if Angel can quote Mark Twain, then I can quote Angel.

Also, Serena passed FAR and REG within a span of 13 days. Her back was against the wall, as her AUD credit was set to expire 2 days after her REG exam. She passed BOTH, and now she’s done with the CPA Exam.

Like Serena’s situation, I have FAR & REG to pass before my AUD credit expires in January. Which reminds me, I better get back to studying. I hope those of you waiting for scores get some good news in these next couple of weeks.


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