Audit Results: No Time to Wallow in a Disappointing Score

03 Dec 2012


Beverly is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Audit is about to be the death of me…

Scores came out last Monday, and of course I was thinking I would be part of the very last batch of scores after the close of the window. I was wrong.

I got a 73 on audit ?.

I have been so busy with work due to an upcoming deadline I have not had time to wallow. This is probably a good thing because the last time I wallowed for about 3 months.

I had started studying for BEC but have decided to retake AUD on 1/4/13 and then take BEC in February.

My plan is to review the Audit NINJA Notes and rewrite those and work as many questions as possible till I am blue in the face. I have the Wiley online test bank, as well as questions from other review courses.

That should be enough to keep me busy over Christmas.

Good Luck everyone!


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