Time for Final Review with BEC Quickly Approaching

26 Aug 2013


Brent is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

The day of my first experience with BEC is quickly approaching and I have entered into final review mode. Up to this point I have completed all of the sections within my review materials along with the homework problems.

During my first attempt at the homework problems I marked any question that was tough or provided helpful bits of information. As my experience has been with FAR and AUD, I tend to learn the most by working through the homework problems and reading the explanations compared to reading the text or watching video lectures.

My final review will consist of working each of the sections questions that I have marked as important.

BEC contains a ton of formulas that must be memorized in order to calculate the correct answer. This has been my biggest struggle preparing for this exam. To combat this issue I have identified the formulas that I feel will most likely be questioned by the examiners. I then combined all of these formulas onto a single page that I plan to review each day up to the exam.

Throughout my entire preparation for BEC I have made extensive use of NINJA Audio. This product does an incredible job at summarizing the information so that I am able to continuously reinforce the topics.

It seems that I have been making more use of the audio with BEC than I did with FAR or AUD. I couldn’t tell you the last time I have listened to the radio in my car.

Putting in the time and hard work is what it takes to pass these exams. There is no casual way around it. Best wishes to everyone out there testing in the remaining days of the August window.

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