Circumstances aren’t keeping me from Passing the CPA Exam

12 Nov 2013


Bridgette is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people studying for the CPA exam fall into one of three categories.

They are recent graduates that have not yet entered the working world, recent graduates that took positions under the condition that they will pass the CPA in a certain amount of time, and those that have been in the work force for some time and decided to pursue the CPA, either for a more advanced career or to achieve something they intended to achieve years ago before life got in the way.

I fall into the latter category and have convinced myself over the last 3 years that those of us going back to school while working full time with families have the least ideal situation for passing the CPA.

With 7 days until my AUD retake I have had a change of heart. It is not my circumstances that have kept me from my goal. It is ME. I am the one that chooses to watch Scandal after the kids are in bed because I feel I have earned it by studying so much, when I should be taking a few quizzes or rereading a chapter before bed.

I am the one that chooses to take my study breaks outside with my neighbors because I feel like it’s important not to lose touch with everyone for 8 weeks while I study, when I should break inside alone for 15 minutes instead of outside with others for 30-45 minutes.

I am the one that chooses to be adequate because I just need a 75 to pass, when I should regain the aggressive nature I had when I was in graduate school and strive for dominance over EVERY topic and not just the ones that have a better chance of being tested.

I am my worst distraction. Not my job, not my kids, not my husband, not my friends, and not my hobbies. ME.

The more time I focus on what I am missing with my family and friends, the longer it will take me to pass these exams and achieve this goal. It’s time to focus on what I do have. I have a wonderful husband that, in addition to working two jobs himself, supports my goal 100% and maintains our household because I’m too tired to care about doing the dishes or washing clothes.

Our girls are so fortunate to have such a loving father that will spend his few precious hours for sleep in between shifts to take them trick or treating. I have amazing parents that, in addition to watching the kids while I work, will gladly watch them so I can study. Our girls are so fortunate to have grandparents that will take them to gymnastics class and countless fall festivals so mommy can study on the weekends.

I have three of the most caring, beautiful children who wish me good luck before exams and tell me “to have fun studying.” I have the ability to pass this exam and doubting myself only hinders my progress.

These are the things that I need to remind myself to push me through this journey. It’s time to take back control of my future and focus on what I do have that will help me succeed. Seven more days and I will have the holidays off before resuming my studies in 2014. Seven days to focus. Seven days to study.

Seven days to make sure studying for AUD will not carry over to next year. Seven days to make sure I’m 50% done with CPA exam. Seven days to miss my kids, family, and friends for the last time this year.

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Lindsay 11 years ago

Bridgette, You go girl! Seven days of staying focused, and it's yours! I retake AUD on Dec 5th, as my countdown begins I can absolutely relate. You are so fortunate to have your family in your corner (as am I). Make them proud but most importantly, make yourself proud! Best of luck, you're going to do great and get that Pass under your belt!

Hannah 11 years ago

I am sooooo in the same boat. . . except I don't have kids so I really have no excuses! I am constantly telling myself that I'll just spend xx amount of time doing something that I enjoy and then I'll study. I am constantly lamenting all of the things that I miss when studying, but I just have to keep reminding myself that if I do it right this time, I may not have to do it again! Good luck, you can do it!!