Studying Put on Hold: BEC & REG Rescheduled

06 Mar 2013


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So … I rescheduled both REG and BEC; I gave myself another two weeks.

What brought this about: I realized I was overconfident about REG, but I figured I could get where I wanted to be if I stayed home this weekend and did nothing but study.

I sat down with my books and…within 15 minutes a big BOOM, and then darkness.

A transformer blew up two doors down, starting a fire, leaving the top half of the utility pole broken and swinging over us all and threatening to take down ALL the wires on the block. So we lost our power and were trapped inside, for almost 16 hours.

I tried to study by candlelight but it was ridiculous, especially with a nervous 3 pound Yorkie getting in between me and the books and the candles, and I couldn’t drive to Starbucks to read because of the Utility Pole of Damocles out there.

Totally frustrating. My big “catch-up weekend” was a fail. But, at least, rescheduling was easy.

I went to, clicked reschedule, rescheduled and received confirmation e-mails 15 minutes later. It was that simple and there was no fee. If you give more than 30 days notice to reschedule, there is zero fee, 5 to 30 days prior there is a $35 fee, and less than five days a $66.15 fee.

Not sure how they chose $66.15 but I don’t care because I don’t have to pay it. So I guess I’ll be going to celebrate Easter with my family after all now.

I’m not thrilled about rescheduling, but I’m taking my favorite tax prof’s advice. He said that going into the exam feeling “pretty good” usually isn’t enough. He said you have to go in there feeling confident.

I figure it’s worth the 2 weeks, and the minor embarrassment of telling everyone I rescheduled … new dates are April 16 for REG and May 31 for BEC.

Another friend gave me some good advice, by the way. I thought it would drive me nuts but I tried it and it actually helped. He said if you can’t concentrate or just become totally bored, switch to another topic and then go back.

So in REG, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between long term contracts (Construction in Progress? Did I ever have this? THIS is why people take FAR first. My first mistake..) and business law and I’ve been able to study longer and get distracted less.

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