Summer is Over + FAR and AUD are Just Around the Corner

28 Sep 2013


Charisa is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi NINJAs!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this onset of Fall. Now that Summer is over, I feel that studying comes a bit more natural as I’m not as distracted by the super hot weather outside, or trying to plan for the next Summer holiday.

Although, being that Summer is over, this only means that work begins to be kicked up a few notches with interim, year-end preparation and year-end approaching (don’t you just LOVE public accounting!?!).

Nevertheless, this is no reason to be deterred. I have two exams approaching in November (FAR & AUD) so I have kicked up studying a few extra notches, with the threat of my BEC score expiring in February.

I have been traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Massachusetts these past few months, so much of my studying has been about 30,000 feet in the air or in a Hilton Garden Inn. I have made the decision to suspend 2 of my 3 social media pages (Instagram and Twitter) as my 5-minute study breaks quickly turn into 30-45 minute breaks. Sacrifices have to be made in order to pass these next two sections.

I have been overdosing on my NINJA Notes for FAR, and taking extra notes on areas that make me lose sleep at night (leases, bonds, certain topics in government accounting).

October will be hectic, not only with work but also with the study schedule I have drafted for myself. Luckily, the Starbucks by my apartment is 24 hours and will soon have a new tenant, as I find studying in my apartment is distracting. 2-3 quality hours of study time after work and 6-8 on the weekends is my goal.
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

Not only do I do my Wiley MCQs AT LEAST twice, I actually write out the whole problem and solution to ensure that I am actually learning the material and not memorizing it. I will attack FAR this time and am not taking any topic “lightly” as I found out from experience, they will throw anything on the exam, whether you think the topic or detail is important or not.

“Oh it’s a sunny day today? Let’s throw this GAAP/IFRS comparison question in here.”

So, now that summer is over, and I just celebrated my 25th birthday this past weekend, for the next month it’s just me, Wiley MCQs, NINJA Notes, and my discipline, determination, (a few tears), and will to have those three letters behind my name soon!

To anyone in the same boat, keep it pushing, it will all be worth it!!

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