FAR is a Beast: Two Weeks Until Exam Day

25 Apr 2014


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This is it.

My last 2 weeks before I sit for FAR. Has it been an easy road? Absolutely not. Will it get any easier during these next 2 weeks? Most likely, no.

It’s been an interesting journey getting here to where I’m so close to taking the test I’m on the border of freaking out. This is the first CPA exam I’ll sit for. While I’m trying to remain confident, it’s hard not to feel defeated.

FAR is a beast.

A beast that I am not sure I was mentally prepared for when I started, but I press on. My daughter keeps asking me if she can help me study, but then just interrupts me with little fact nuggets about her day and what’s going on in the wonderful world of Kindergarten.

She looks over my shoulder at a question I’m working on and exclaims, “OH! That’s like how 2+2=4 and 100+100=200. Mom I can help you if you want, I’m good at math.” Oh if only it were that easy. Honestly, some of her comical comments are what gets me through.

I had taken a pause from re-writing my NINJA Notes and left the room, she comes running to get me, “Mommy I helped!! I copied your notes for you.” When I sit down for my exam, I will definitely remember the Qualitative Characteristics of Basic Accounting Concepts.

Hopefully when scores are released I will be able to look back and say, “YES! I passed!” If I don’t, I just have to remember that I worked hard and just need to work a little harder. We’ll see where the next 2 weeks take me.

I’ve already got them planned out and told my husband that dinner is on him the night before the test (which probably means pizza), but if it gets me more studying time, I’m ok with that. Hopefully I can slay the beast and not the other way around.

Good luck fellow test takers!!! I’ll be talking to you soon!

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Alfred D 10 years ago

hang in there, I'm taking my exam in 4 weeks too, good luck!