FAR Exam Experience + REG Recon Mission

08 Apr 2014


Clarissa is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I took FAR this past Friday. But I really have no idea how I did. I spent the last few days of my review reviewing the topics that I know give me the hardest time and using the NINJA Blitz, and of course I had very few of those questions on the exam.

I felt my exam was very fair this time around. The multiple choice questions were a little bit harder this time, but I felt confident in my answers. And my SIMs were very fair this time, instead of being off the wall with no clue how to answer them.

I know I got three of my SIMs, and I got quite a bit of partial credit at least for the other 4. I just hope one of those 4 is the one that isn’t graded.

I really don’t think I had any questions on my test that were regarding information I hadn’t covered. Nothing really threw me on this exam. I had covered all the material by reading my review book from cover to cover, so hopefully the CPA gods are on my side this time around and it is finally a pass!

But I don’t have any time to waste right now. I have an NTS for REG that expires in 2 weeks, so I’m doing my best to do as many questions as possible in these two weeks.

When I first got my NTS for REG, my original plan gave me plenty of time to study for it before it expired. But life happens, personal things come up that need to be dealt with and it makes pushing the exams back a need. So this take of REG is purely a reconnaissance mission.

I’ll be extremely happy if I pass, but I won’t be too disappointed if I fail since I only have 2 weeks for a review of material I’ve never even covered before. And I’m not a fan of tax or business law. But my plan is to listen to and watch the NINJA Blitz and work 200-300 questions a day every day until this exam. Let’s see if this works!

Happy studying!

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