Not Ready: REG Taken after only Two Weeks

24 Apr 2014


Clarissa is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I took REG yesterday. It was quite an experience, mainly because I know I wasn’t ready for this exam.

I only gave myself two weeks to really study for REG, thanks to my NTS expiring. But I would rather try for a pass than just let my NTS expire and give up those fees. And I’ll gladly take that miracle of a pass for yesterday.

I actually didn’t think the exam was all that hard, I felt it was quite fair, both the MCQs and SIMs. But I didn’t cover anywhere near as much information while studying for REG as I wanted to.

About 10 days in, I got burnt out and run down and didn’t want to go any further. I made sure I listened to my audio program for at least 5-6 hours a day, every day, for the whole 2 weeks, but answering questions didn’t quite happen as much as I’d hoped.

I never even had a chance to go through the book. But I’ve read some horror stories about REG exams and I felt my exam was quite fair.

Since April is only 2/3 over, I’m debating about whether or not I should take another part at the end of May or not. But I do know I’m taking at least a week off right now to rest and do some other things around the house while I wait for my FAR score.

I would really love a miracle pass for yesterday’s exam and I know that I’m burnt out, tired and just run down from this studying. I need to have at least one part passed here very soon.

Happy studying and good luck to anyone taking a part of the exam in the next few weeks!

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Simone 10 years ago

I'm taking REG on May 16th and started studying real good last week. I hope I pass this one the first time. Would like to use NINJA MCQs to help if I can.

Jay 10 years ago

I studied for 3 months and still failed this part on my first attempt. I wish you all the best, but I must be realistic..... with only two weeks of studying, your chances of passing are slim to none regardless of how smart you are.