FAR Crunch Time: Working MCQs and Rewriting Notes

05 Nov 2012


Clint is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

After a few weeks of studying I can definitely tell that I’m learning the material better through the Wiley Test bank MCQ’s and NINJA Notes instead of reading the Wiley study guide and doing the MCQ’s in the book.

I’m pretty sure some of the questions are the same (quite possibly all are the same and I just haven’t noticed at this point).

It’s also been hard keeping up with a regular studying schedule so I try to use the weekends to catch-up for any time that I missed during the week.

I’ve tweaked my study plan a little bit in that I focus on going over a few sections of the NINJA notes and take practice sessions in the Wiley test bank until I get a good grasp of each topic.

It has worked out pretty well as I’ve taken almost 500 MCQ’s and average 69% after a little over three weeks of studying, but I still have a few sections left in the NINJA notes before I start re-writing them a few times while focusing on my weaker sections.

Also, I’ve inadvertently taken a few questions prior to actually reviewing the particular subject material so those have somewhat affected my scores. Surprisingly, I’ve done well with the few simulations that I’ve taken as they seem to focus less on concepts and more on application.

I tried using the authoritative literature tab once just to test it out but I need to go over this a few times so that I can use it on test day, if necessary.

As I mentioned, it’s been getting harder to maintain my study schedule during the week as I’ve had more homework and exams in my graduate classes. Thankfully, some of the subject material overlaps so when I study for my classes it relates to some of the material on the CPA exam.

I also thought Austin’s post a few weeks ago was interesting because I am also an avid college football fan that used to watch football most of the day on Saturday. However, I also try to get an hour or two of studying done in the morning before I get easily distracted.

Hopefully, I will finish reviewing the NINJA notes for FAR over the weekend and will start re-writing the notes at least 5 times while constantly going over MCQ’s and simulations.

Once I’ve done that, I will review my kryptonite subjects (Hello governmental and non-profit accounting) so that I can improve on those and reinforce the other subjects.

On a side note, I love the fall. The wonderful colors. Chilly weather. Football. A family trip to the pumpkin patch.