Final Review Time: Two Weeks Until BEC

18 Aug 2012


Hi Everyone!

I have exactly two weeks until I sit for BEC. I finished going through all the information yesterday, and am now going to start my final review.

I am very lucky to work for a firm where I am able to take a lot of time off in the summer, so for the next two weeks I will be studying all day long.

These last two weeks are normally the most stressful for me. This time and I going to really work on balancing my life better.

I love to run and normally am not able to because of studying. I plan on waking up early to fit in a run before I head to my study location for the day.

I am feeling far more confident with this exam after passing one. I finally feel like I have found a way to study that works for me. I know there are some areas I definitely need to work lots of problems on for this exam, but I really enjoyed learning about the topics covered in BEC in college.

Luckily, I feel like I have still remained a lot of the information I learned in college and I am not completely teaching myself concepts. I am trying to stay positive and look forward to the possibility of being halfway done after BEC!

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FNJ 12 years ago

Good luck! Hard work is what helps with passing these exams, and you've definitely put in the effort.