Awaiting BEC Score + Beginning FAR Review

05 Sep 2012


Danielle is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi everyone!

So last Friday I took BEC. Over all I think it went well.

I didn't feel like there were any questions that I did not find in the book while I was studying, however I was very frustrated because the topics the review course stressed were barely on the exam.

Some of the “important” topics were not on the exam at all. I am hoping scores will be released on the 7th despite the push back of the testing window, and I will know how I did.

I am going to start reviewing for financial tonight. I have taken FAR in the past. I failed by only a few points, but since I took it right before busy season I decided to wait to take it until this summer.

If I passed BEC I feel confident that I could be done with this process by January at the latest.

Please, please, please!!!!