BEC Results In: Time to Prepare for the Retake

15 Sep 2012


Danielle is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

So I have been waiting to write my blog for this week until I found out how I did on BEC.

Monday came and went with no score for me. And Tuesday. And Wednesday.

I couldn't help but immerse myself in all the speculation in the forums, and was upset knowing that since I didn't receive my score it must have been in manual review.

I knew that I felt strong on the WC section so I was anticipating that they probably wouldn't be able to find me more points.

I didn't even up receiving my score until Thursday afternoon.


It feels horrible being so close. But I guess being so close makes me know I can do it next time. I am now planning on pushing financial back until November so that I can retake BEC in October.

I have to wait to hear back on scheduling at my company to know if I will be on a job, or if I can take the time off. If I hadn't already purchased my financial and auditing NTS I would wait on those two until after busy season.

I feel so worn out. Studying for this exam literally makes me unhappy. I cannot wait until 5pm because I know I am going to have an amazing weekend because I'm not going to be studying.

Not having to study for 3 days feels amazing. I plan to start studying for BEC Monday after work. I am not going to go back through the lectures. Just read through my notes and do insane amounts of multiple choice.

I am going to work all the Wiley MCQs again. I am going to use the NINJA Notes more heavily this time around as well. I won't let myself fail again.

On a happier note, congratulations to everyone who found out they passed this week! You are amazing!