Stressing Out with only Five Days until REG Exam

21 May 2012


Danielle is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi everyone!

Only 5 days left until the REG exam. I have finished rewriting all the NINJA Notes, and am the majority of the way through reworking the multiple choice questions.

I am starting to get really stressed out though. I have been studying very hard for 7 weeks straight. I do nothing else besides work and study. I feel guilty if I work out, play with my puppy, see my friends, or even just enjoy some time to myself.

I don't know how to balance having a life and studying for the CPA exam. I have studied hard on all my passed exams and have failed.

I feel like I cant afford to take time to myself this time. I know we are all in the same position, but I guess I am just having a weak day. I guess all these struggles will make finally passing so much better, right?

Well, with 5 days left I will be doing nothing but Wiley MCQs. The day before I plan on taking a practice exam and making sure I understand anything I did wrong. Morning of I will review my notes one more time before going in. I really hope everything pays off.

I wish anyone taking the exam this week lots of luck!

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12 years ago

Hey Danielle...I have an exam in a few days as well and I am right there with you...I feel guilty every moment I take for myself. I have my weak days, but we get through them and that is the important part. Working and studying is one of the biggest that I have a difficult time balancing. Good luck on your exam and stay positive!

Maged Melio 12 years ago

Be sure that any struggle will lead to ultimate success. Just keep the hope and the hard work balanced with your personal life. Both - study and personal life - will enrich each other. Wish the best of you an Good Luck!!