Feeling Good about REG; Next Up, BEC

01 Jun 2012


Danielle is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi everyone!

So I took my REG exam a few days ago. It is nice to get one part down. I actually am feeling pretty good about it.

I definitely felt that all the NINJA material prepared me for the exam. The multiple choice progressed well and I was able to work through all the questions.

There were a few random ones that were just tiny pieces of information that I obviously didn't pay as much attention to. But even for those I felt that I was able to logically work through the question based on my studying.

I felt some of the simulations to be great and then others to be horrible. So we will see there. But it is over!

Last time I checked in I was having a difficult time finding a balance between my life and studying. I took a short vacation after the REG exam and feel much better. I understand that all this time and effort is necessary to put in and is only temporary. If I put my all into every exam now it will be over quicker. And it will be worth it.

Tomorrow I start studying for BEC. This is a part I have never taken before, and I am only allowing 6 weeks to prepare. I am nervous about that, but I know I can do it.

Hope everyone's studying/exams have been going well. Hang in there.

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fljazzchic 12 years ago

Best of luck to you...six weeks is plenty of time for BEC. Don't forget to prepare for the essays, they could make or break you.