Nervous about REG Score + First Time Studying BEC

06 Jun 2012


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Hi Everyone!

I am one week into my studying for BEC. I am actually ahead of schedule because I knew I was going to be out of town for work at the beginning of this week and obviously didn't want to lose any time.

This is my first time studying for BEC, and am think I am going to like it. I like economics and really like cost accounting. I am hoping that the interest I have in these topics with help me to stay motivated in studying, as well as help the material stick.

I am getting really nervous about finding out my REG score. It should be any day now. I don't even know how to think. I don't even know if I want to look at my score online. I think I might make my boyfriend do it. Hopefully he will come to me with great news.

Let's say I don't pass, what is everyone's opinion on what I should do next? Should I stop studying for BEC and take REG over again at the beginning of July, or should I just stay on my same schedule and take REG again after I get through my other parts? Any suggestions?

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Tori Roberts 12 years ago

Well, it is probably a good idea to take REG again this year. But If BEC makes you feel confident, maybe BEC is a better way to go. I am waiting on my AUD score. I do not have an NTS hanging over me right now, but since I did not pass REG in April, I am back at it again.

fljazzchic 12 years ago

I would go back to Reg because it has been known to be a beast. If you put it off and come back you may not retain the information as well. Atleast now you have a stronger REG foundation than you have for BEC.

MIA Girl 12 years ago

You should definitely retake REG because the material will still fresh. Waiting may cause lost of the topics you already mastered. I pray you passed REG so you can move on and passed BEC. Good luck!

mom2two 12 years ago

I would retake REG ASAP since the material is still fresh. Hoping you pass but if not I would try and retake REG in mid July which will leave you 6 weeks to study and pass BEC. But let's hope you passed and not have this dilemma!

Gary 12 years ago

Definitely take REG again before taking another exam. If you failed it once, you have a good chance of failing again if you wait. You want to get the hardest exam out of the way, so that the 18 month clock doesn't start ticking until you pass your hardest test.

Jake 12 years ago

I am going to go against the grain and say take BEC and then right after retake REG. There is no sense in wasting a week or two of studying on BEC, and then restudy REG, and then have to go back over the first week or two of BEC again. REG is a difficult exam, but the pass rates aren't that much worse when compared to BEC, assumed to be the easiest section. You will do better if you take a break from REG, focus your mind on other areas, and then come back to REG fresh and ready to begin restudying everything.

VallyMush 12 years ago

Hi Danielle, I hope you made it. I just got my REG results today, and thankfully I passed. Had I failed I would have lost my FAR. for me if I had to do it over again, i would have taken REG first and waited until I passed before moving on. The other subjects were relatively straight forward and I passed them first time. REG I failed twice and it caused me some sleepless nights waiting for the results this time.

Greg G. 12 years ago

IMO, it all depends on what your REG score is. If you barely miss passing (72-74), I would take REG again. But let's say you straight up bomb it with a big ol' 50, then obviously you didn't have a mastery of the material the first time, so it's not like you'd be losing much "REG retention" by putting it off while you take BEC, since you obviously didn't have the info. retained in the first place! Best of Luck.