Willing to Try Anything to Pass REG

15 Jun 2012


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So I failed REG.

I was really upset after I found out. After other exams I have failed, I was able to pinpoint the weak spot in my studying, but with this exam I really did everything I could to prepare.

I did so many multiple choice questions that the majority of questions I worked through I had already seen multiple times. I rewrote my notes. I studied the flash cards. I would make a list each night after studying of topics I wanted to go back and review again.

What I was the most upset about after finding out I failed is that this is the worst I have done on an exam so far. It is clear that I am doing something wrong. Or I am just not studying the material in a way that is working for me.

I know I am not stupid. I know I am giving this my all. I know I will pass this exam. I just need to figure out how to study for me.

I have rescheduled REG for July 12th, so I have a little less than a month to prepare. I am going back through the chapters and taking brief notes on major topics to refresh my brain. I am making my own flashcards so I am writing the material down for a second time.

I am going to go back through all the Wiley MCQs. Beyond that, I am not really sure what else I should try. So I am coming to all of you for support, guidance, and advice. I am open to anything! I will try anything!

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CPA628 12 years ago

Ugh I'm so sorry:(( REG was a struggle to pass for me, too. I finally read Becker's book twice and did all the MCQs/SIMs from Becker and Wiley (tax portion). I also made my notes and printed out all the MCQs that I had gotten wrong, and kept working them. Ethics/Legal responsibility was an important section so make sure you keep reading that over and over. Take some time off and get back to it. Good Luck!

fljazzchic 12 years ago

Have you tried studying the Wiley simulations 1st then move to the MCQ's? Even if you get all of the MCQ's right you have to get enough points from the sim's.