Trying a New Approach to REG

22 Jun 2012


Danielle is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all the tips and ideas for how I could change my way of studying! I have been trying to incorporate more multiple choice questions as a major change to the way I have studied in the past.

Once thing that I have been finding helpful is that when I am working through a quiz I write down why I got a questions wrong, read through my notes after I am finished, and then a day later retake the same quiz. I find that I am able to recall why you do a problem a certain way and get them right.

Obviously the questions that I am getting wrong are the ones I need to focus on anyways. This method is helping me do that. This week I found it hard to focus though. I feel awful for neglecting my family, my puppy, and my friends. But I know I need to cut these distractions out.

Next week I am going to the library every night!

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