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05 Apr 2012


By David


Hey future CPAs!!!

Yes!! I am talking to you! If you are on this site chances are your either thinking about sitting for the CPA exam or are already studying for it.

Crazy thoughts in the middle of review are normal. They come in one shape or another to all of us. That one point in the middle of your lecture on impairment loss when you start thinking about how fun it would be to burn all your review material in a large bonfire!

Take that feeling and hold on to it, because you want to use any motivational energy you can to get yourself through this grueling exam. Someone just like you has done it before and you can do it too.

2012 is my year to become a CPA. I know this because I am at Senior level experience now and am having a hard time finding better jobs without having the CPA certification.

Believe me, when you get to a Senior level and you still want to make that extra $10k compensation or bonus jump, you need those three letters.

I am taking my first exam in April for FAR and have scheduled AUD in May, then REG in July and BEC in August. I have completed about half of the FAR review and am currently studying Marketable Securities and Business Combinations.

I am hitting it hard with the Wiley MCQs and reviewing every incorrect response. It helps a lot if you pay attention to why you got the incorrect response. I like that Wiley tells you why the wrong answer was wrong and why the correct answer was correct.

I will be posting at least once a week to give you small bits of help and motivation for your reading pleasure. I am surprised at just how much more happy I am about reading anything else than my review materials at this time. You can say this blog is my little oasis in the midst of the grueling and challenging desert that is the CPA.

I will leave you today with a quote my late father once told me. It was told to me in Urdu but I will try my best to translate it English.

“If you want to reduce the value of man, then you may reduce him down to a single grain of sand, but if you want to amplify man, the universe sometimes becomes too small of a place.”

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FNJ 12 years ago

Hi David, I hope you passed your exams! I'm on a condensed schedule like you and would like to see how you studied for them in order to successfully pass.