Final Review: One Week to Go until FAR

03 May 2012


By David

David is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Review Time:

OK guys, this is the time that everything gets put together. I am so close to taking FAR (1 week). I have been constantly pushing my schedule to complete as many questions as possible.

I have outlined the method I am using on my final review on here for your help:

I am on full go mode now. Do not take your foot off the pedal: we have a goal to accomplish. I even turn off my internet router to ensure that I concentrate on my exam.

I have set up a schedule where I am studying at my local library for about four hours in the daytime and then doing another six-hour day at home.

Studying in a library ensures that I won’t be distracted by any other personal or household errands that come up. I am able to give my full attention to the review material.

This gives me about four hours of straight intense study time. Afterwards when I am studying at home, I don’t feel as guilty if I take a break or watch a TV show here and there.

I have completed a final 200-page review from my review course and the NINJA Notes. I would highly recommend both of these products for the final review as they hit on all the major areas that are tested on a high level review.

Also I am doing about multiple-choice questions daily from the Wiley MCQs.

Please comment and add what works for you in your study schedule so that we can all benefit!! I will leave you with another good saying to think about. I got this message from one of my favorite accounting professors but it is originally from David B. Norris. Here is a shout out to Lilliana Hickman Riggs.

“How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money! But time mistakes cannot be recovered.” -David B. Norris

I will update you guys again after I am done with the FAR exam to let you guys know how it went!!! I am doing a bunch of questions and keeping my fingers crossed till then!! Good luck to you all on your exams!!

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