Getting Cold Feet: FAR Rescheduled Again

17 May 2012


By David

David is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

In all of my scholastic years of taking exams, never have I pushed an exam out three times until now.

This is the third time I have pushed out my FAR exam and it will be the last hopefully, in part thanks to the board rule of only having two testing months.

My NTS will expire if I don’t test this testing window. They definitely like the extra money at Prometric.

I tried to reason out why I am extending the test for the third time and the real reason is that I have the time available and I truly have to pass this exam.

I would rather do anything else than have to re-take the FAR exam. In fact I would happily retake any of the other exams than FAR. So you see it is ultimately my dislike for FAR that has me all nervous.

I believe I am prepared to take the exam. I actually took practice tests recently and did well. I am however a little more weaker on bonds and pensions. So I am taking this extra preparation time to restudy my notes and complete as many additional multiple-choice questions as possible.

I recently restarted my workout routine and have even downloaded lectures on my smartphone and listen to them in the gym while using the elliptical and running machines.

I am also re-reading my NINJA Notes to help me with the basic concepts. The Notes are very concise and to the point. I like that and believe it does a very good job of term/word associations.

I would like to know if any of you guys have had second thoughts right before exam day and what you did to conquer those fears.

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Trisha 12 years ago

I had second thoughts for FAR, and did not reschedule and ended up with a 72... Smart move to trust your gut :) Good luck!

David 12 years ago

Thanks Trish. If I get above a 90 I will definitely be framing my score in my bedroom Lol!!