Balancing Work, Family, and Friends with the CPA Exam

23 Jun 2012


By David

David is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi Fellow NINJAs.

Hope you guys are all doing well on your review schedules. I know it can get hectic at times when you have stuff going on with work, family and friends. I have had a bombardment of all three recently at the same time so I can definitely relate.

I would like to share some tips I used to deal with distractions (non CPA items in my life.) First of all if you have a smartphone (the phone is definitely the biggest distraction in my life) I would recommend downloading a call screening application.

For Apple devices I think the favorite app is iblacklist and for Android’s I believe the app is blacklist. I am sure you can find the same apps for Windows and Blackberry devices as well. I downloaded this app and it definitely helps to block off distractors.

You can set up specific times of the day that you want to allow calls to ring on your phone and you can block off those annoying people that you know will most likely waste your time. Also it sends them automatic text replies that let them know you are busy, so you don’t seem like you are just ignoring them.

I have also been searching the job market recently so have had to deal with an array of recruiter’s networking/meetings and interviews. Comment below and stay tuned for my next blog to get all the latest scoop on the current CPA job market!

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