Motivated to Start BEC

17 Jul 2012


By David

David is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey NINJAs. I have started studying for BEC exam. I always like to get motivated before starting a new section so I thought I would share a few tips with you guys.

Multiple Choice Questions!!! The more questions you solve, the better you become.

The difference between success and failure is not chance, but choice.

It's the reaction to “what is this?” Why is this wrong?” hat helps you learn and get to the correct answer.

The correct reaction leads to a passing grade.

Preparation leads to reacting correctly.

Preparation is fueled by: Multiple Choice Questions!!!


Read the English and connect the dots. Get in the habit of starting the questions with the required and really read the English so that you don't make careless mistakes. Don’t forget to focus on the date, on the formula, on the verb, and control the time. Your study schedule should consist of drilling and reviewing the questions using these techniques.

Utilize the idle time. For example when you drive, when you take a shower, when you peel the carrots or fold laundry think of “that problem” that gave you trouble, recall information you would say to “assistant” if you were writing a communication and turn idle time into ideal time.

Practice the homework focusing on the:
Tools (MCQ’s, T accounts and mnemonics) will help you prepare for the exam unpredictable questions

You will become successful!

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