REG Exam Behind Me, Time to Focus on FAR

07 Nov 2013


Denise is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I took my REG exam a few days ago. It’s funny how some of the craziest things happen just before something major.

About 2 weeks before, I had a flu shot…well not the “shot”. I chickened out and got the nasal spray. I think it is genius to have a spray for those of us who are not fans of needles! Just before I got this “shot” I said to myself: “Is this really a good idea?”

I distinctly remembered that the last time I got a flu shot I had flu like symptoms the following week. Nonetheless, I ignored this inner voice. A few days later the sneezing began! At first, I told myself, the weather has changed a little you will adjust and be fine. But oh no, that was not the case, it spiraled into me blowing my nose every 2 minutes and having to walk with tissues everywhere I went.

And the craziest thing was I was super busy running around doing multiple things that week. When I finally got a day off from appointments, I had to go into “get rid of this virus now” mode.

I got up that morning … this was like 6 days before the exam, had some breakfast, although by that time I was hardly eating because my appetite was gone, took some medication and spent what most people taking the test would consider critical study time sleeping. That extra sleep seemed to do something because I started to feel better.

How did my exam go? I tried my best and I hope I pass! This wait period feels like it will take forever to be here but I have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime. Now it’s time to focus on my FAR exam in December.

Wishing everyone the best of luck!

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