New Job + A Plan to Finish the CPA Exam

19 Nov 2012


Elaine is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

G'day everyone!

I have a wonderful news. I got an auditor position at the firm I wanted and I am very happy about it.

My interaction with the firm has been consistent and pleasant, and I really liked everyone I met during the recruiting process.

I will start working next October, so my plan is to finish all CPA exams by next May/June, and take a vacation until October.

It feels so relieving to get this job search pressure off my shoulders AND look forward to working at my top choice firm.

Studying-wise, it has been lagging a little bit. I took almost 2 weeks to go over Government and Nonprofit accounting, and started my review.

F1 (income statement items) felt easier, but F2 (revenue recognition) still troubled me. F3 (cost/equity/acquisition method) is slowly coming back to me, but I'm hitting 50-60% on the MCQs and I know I have to go back again.

I did not feel ready at all so I postponed my exam to early December. The NINJA Audio is helping me organize materials in my head during work commute while flashcards I am making throughout the review process are keeping me company during other times. We will see how it goes.

It's getting chilly in Southern California and the long summer 2012 is finally going away! Now I'm starting to hear Christmas carols (I'm loving it!!) and it feels like we skipped the whole Autumn.

Hope everyone is keeping it warm and cozy, and good luck with the exams, fellow troopers!! 🙂